BATILİMAN Facility, being included in BATI ANADOLU GROUP as of 2006, is located in Çakmaklı Village, Nemrut Bay, Aliağa, at a distance of 59 km to İzmir city center and on Latitude: 38° 45’00” North – Longitude: 26° 53’50” East coordinates.

BATILİMAN Facility is extremely suitable for the arriving vessels to berth and depart as a result of its location. As the back field of BATILİMAN port, the field with an area of 100.000 m2 just at the back of landing deck and a field of 70.000 m2 at 2 km from the port are being used. Such back fields are suitable for warehousing and temporary storage and provides advantages to load owners in the transport organizations of arriving/departing loads. BATILİMAN facility is extremely suitable for the berthing and departure of vessels in terms of its location.

The service quality of a port is determined by the closeness of the location of port to other centers in addition to the issues of price, speed, time and safety. BATILİMAN has a significant strategic location with its railway reaching towards the land route and port field. This provides an important advantage for its customers in their export and import activities.

  Land Route Railway
Batıliman - Balıkesir 196 234
Batıliman – Manisa 59 59
Batıliman – İzmir 59 57
Batıliman – Denizli 281 320

BATILİMAN renders general shipment, bulk load, scrap iron and all kinds of mixed load handling and storing services for 24 hours and 7 days with its specialized personnel and modern equipment. ISPS “International Ship and Port Facility Security Code” is applied in the port and the security and control is ensured at high standards for 24 hours under ports with safety approved by the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs. The entire terminal field is monitored with 8 security cameras.

Handling capacity General Cargo: 3.000.000 ton/year
Bulk Goods: 6.000.000 ton/year
Total port area 149.000 m²
Warehouse area 100.000 m² - Open Area
Bonded area 40.000 m² - Open Area
Automobile and truck parking area 20.000 m² - Open Area
Equipments in the facility Machinery and equipment required for loading and unloading are available.
Dimensions of Vessel Berthing Side Landing Deck no. 1: 205 meters
Landing Deck no. 2: 186 meters
Landing Deck no. 3: 193 meters
Landing Deck no. 4: 166 meters
Debts of Vessel Berthing Side Landing Deck no. 1: 10 - 17 meters
Landing Deck no. 2: 17 - 36 meters
Landing Deck no. 3: 12 - 36 meters
Landing Deck no. 4: 05 - 06 meters
Height of Landing Deck from Water Level 4 - 4,50 meters; varies based on tides.
Fuel and Water Supply to Vessels Ensured by agency and oil companies.
Working Status as allowed by the Weather Working for 24 hours and 7 days.
Post Status Sufficient posts are available based on the status of loading – unloading.
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